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Triscuit Chicken Wings

Triscuit Chicken Wings

Not that I pay attention to sports, but I hear it’s football season. Is that true? Besides the sport to usher in autumn, back to school season, and cool, crisp air, football is the sport that forces us to hang out with all of our chorines plastering our eyes toward the HDTV, amongst a spread of greasy guilt-ridden foods. So, naturally, when I had the opportunity to create a Triscuit inspired recipe, I thanked the food gods that it was indeed chicken wing season. (Who am I kidding? In our house, It’s ALWAYS chicken wing season.) Pun totally 100% intented, I winged it. I had no idea what I was doing, how it would turn out, but amazingly, Triscuit chicken wings might be our new go-to!

Here’s what you’ll need:

For the wings-

3 lb bag of chicken wings

2 eggs

1 1/4 C flour

1 13 Oz (Family Size) Box of Original Triscuits

1 T Crushed Red Pepper

1 T Chili Powder

Your favorite spice blend (If you have one)

Oil for frying

For the sauce-

1 1/4C Franks Red Hot Sauce Original

1 Stick of butter (1/2 C)

Juice of 1 lemon

1 T Crushed Red Pepper (More or less, depending on spice preference)

1 T Chili Powder (Again, more or less, depending on spice preference)


Got all that? Great! Here’s what you’ll do:


Your chicken wings will most likely be frozen at this point. Thaw them! The breading will stick better and you’ll be far less likely to burn yourself. I just set the whole bag in cool water bath for a few hours. If you are one of those people who plan ahead, go ahead, thaw them overnight. That’s cool too.


Make your breading! I’m not sure if you are familiar with Triscuits, but they were actually designed to be consumed whole, and the engineers at Trusicut went through great lengths to create packaging that would prevent crushing. That’s great for snacking, but for breading, it adds an extra step. Empty the entire box of Triscuits into a gallon size Zip-Lock bag and crush. You can also use a food processor, go ahead, I’m not your mother. Once you crush them into a sawdust like texture, dump them into a bowl and stir in your favorite seasoning blend. For us, we prefer Desert Heat from Buffalo Wild Wings.




Fill your other 2 bowls. 1 with 1 1/4 C flour and more seasoning. (You’ll want to add enough seasoning so you can see specs through the flour.) In the second bowl, create an egg bath with 2 eggs and a splash of milk. Don’t have milk and want to use water? That’s fine, I won’t tell anyone.


Heat up your oil and assemble your battle station! If you use an electric fryer, well, good for you, you fancy frying folk. Heat your oil to 375 degrees. If you are using a cast iron dutch oven to fry in, make sure to use a frying/candy thermometer to keep an eye at the temp. Any hotter than 375, your breading will burn before the chicken cooks. Any lower, your chicken will just marinade in grease, and no one wants that! I find frying in small batches (right around 1 lb or less than 12


While your oil is heating up, it would be a go idea to go ahead and make your sauce. Melt the butter in a sauce pan and add all other sauce ingredients. As the sauce begins to bubble, remove it from the heat and give it a good stir. Be sure to not over cook the sauce, burnt butter will lead to salty, thick sauce. Once you stir it up, put a lid on it and save it for later.


Dreading and breading! After you’ve made your sauce, drop each chicken wing in the flour bowl before moving it to the egg bath. Move the chicken wing from the egg bath to the breading mixture. Before frying each chicken wing, make sure to shake off the excess Triscuits, as they’ll just fall to the bottom of the fryer and burn. No one wants that!



Fry your chicken wings in small batches (1 lb or less than 12 wings per batch) It helps to fry according to like size. Each batch will take about 10-12 minutes, and they’ll float to the top of the oil when they are done! Make sure to allow the oil to get up to temp before adding in a new batch of wings.


Remove chicken wings from fryer and toss into a bowl. Don’t add the sauce until all batches are done and in the bowl. This will give the Triscuit breading enough time to set and become crunchy. ¬†After all batches are done, add sauce and stir! Stir gently or you’ll lose your breading!


And that’s it! Serve them up with some sauce on the side or some bleu cheese!

*I created this recipe for a contest hosted by CrowdTap and #TeamTriscuit I did not receive any compensation for my work.

September 28, 2014

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