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September PCOTM Club Review

September PCOTM Club Review

Phone cases are stupid expensive. Some of the semi-decent ones can set you back 25-30 dollars and the fancy Otterbox/lifeproof cases can set you back even more. It seems like there’s also limited variety of phone cases. Sure, these are all minor, first world problems, but if we are spending 200 dollars on a phone, why should I have to spend 50 to protect it?

Enter Phone Case of The Month Club. PCOTM Club is a fun, new subscription. I’ll stop short of calling it a subscription BOX since there’s no box involved. For 10 dollars a month, Phone Case of The Month Club will send you a new, unique phone case along with a bonus item like a sticker or a piece of candy. The phone cases are all made and designed by PCOTM, so you can bet your bottom dollar, no one else will have the same case as you! They make roughly 200 of each pattern each month and send them out randomly.

At the moment, PCOTM Club offers cases for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Phones. They are constantly adding and innovating, so it doesn’t hurt to shoot them an email if you have a different phone! Let them know!


Phone Case of The Month Club ships in a plain bubble envelope. They have 2 monthly shipping times, so depending on when you sign up, you could get your cases in either a group that ships at the beginning of the month, or one that ships nearer the end of the month. Shipping is via USPS and looks to have taken about 3 days to get to me in MI. They don’t provide any tracking info, but that just makes it more fun!


First look! There’s an info card included, but it’s more about the subscription than the included case. Each case is packed in a cute bag which is a pretty tight fit for my oversized Samsung Galaxy S5. Cases are random and vary greatly for subscribers, so I really had no idea what would be in the bag!

The Case:


It’s a good first month with PCOTM! I love this case! I had peeked at their instagram to see previous designs and I had loved this one, so I’m super happy I got it. Looking back, I don’t think there was a case I didn’t like, but I probably wouldn’t have bought any of them on my own. But that’s the point! It’s fun, and something you really can’t buy elsewhere.

The Extras:


As I mentioned earlier, each case is packed in a small bag. Which is nice when you start collecting several cases, you can throw them in a bin and not worry about them getting scratched up overtime. They also threw in a sticker and a little card that matches the case.


Overall, I love Phone Case of The Month. for 10 dollars a month, it’s hard to beat a fun, cute phone case! I hope they change up seasonally as well, I’d love to see Fall and Winter cases in the future.

What do you think of Phone Case of The Month? Want to sign up? Click here. Using my referral link will make your first case only 5 dollars!

September 7, 2014

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