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Popin Cookin Candy Sushi Kit

Popin Cookin Candy Sushi Kit


Recently, while browsing youtube, I came across some videos for these totally bizarre Japanese candy kits. Each kit makes a different candy food, usually of the gummy variety. They all start as various powders and you add the instructed amount of water per powder to make each part of the candy. Some of kits aren’t candy at all. There’s a hamburger and pizza kit out there, both of which taste like hamburgers and pizza to one extent or another. I’ve ordered those, along with a few others from Amazon. While I wait for my huge order of kits to arrive, I went to the local Japanese grocery store and picked up the two Popin’ Cookin’ kits they offered.

The instructions are in Japanese, so I had to look up English instructions online. Luckily, the kits are meant for children and are there for pretty straight forward.


Inside the Sushi kit is a pouch. Be careful ripping into the pouch! The pouch often has templates or things to cut out!


Inside, there are pouches of powders in various colors and a tray.


They also include all of the tools you’ll need to successfully create the sushi candy.


You’ll need a cup of water and scissors.

Add water to the fill line of the 1st compartment of your tray. Add the blue rice packet. Stir it up! It will eventually take on the texture of rice!

In the next compartment of the tray, fill with water to the line, add the pink packet, and stir to make the tuna. Let it set for a minute and it will turn into a jell-o like consistency.

Now, we will move onto the third compartment, by repeating the same process as before. This will make the egg.

Next, focus your attention on compartments labeled A and B. Fill both to the fill line with water. In compartment A, add the green packet and stir. Be sure to wipe off your spoon. Then, take the red packet, and add it to compartment B and stir. Use your dropper to move some of the red liquid, drop by drop, to compartment A. Each droplet will solidify upon contact with water creating the roe for the sushi.

Remember how I said not to rip into the pouch? Here’s why! There are a few templates on the pouch that will be helpful for assembly. Use this one to create 5 or so balls of rice.

Use the other template to make the seaweed wrapper for one piece of sushi.

Wrap your seaweed around one of the balls of rice and pinch the ends together. Scoop out some roe and place it on top.


To assemble the other 4 pieces of sushi, simply cut the egg and tuna into two pieces and gently lay it over the balls of rice you already formed.


And that’s it! You can use the pouch as a cute little placemat if you’d like. There’s also a soy sauce packet that you can mix up with water in the final compartment. C ate these, but they smelled strongly of cough syrup to me so I didn’t try any of them. This kit is supposed to be sweet gummy candy, unlike the pizza and hamburger kit I mentioned earlier. It was a fun kit, and not a bad project/craft for 5 bucks.

I have more kits and more reviews on the way! What do you think? Interested?

January 4, 2015

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