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Howdy, I'm Amanda and this is my stuff!

I like freebies, coupons and subscription boxes.

I also like recipes and cooking!

Greek Night

So, last night for dinner we tried out a few recipes. Ultimately, we made pan seared chicken with tzatziki sauce along with Bobby Flay’s Greek potatoes. We used a new recipe for the sauce ...

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Toxic Sludge

For those of you who did not get the memo, yesterday was Halloween. To celebrate, we destroyed our Halloween gingerbread house and made toxic sludge. I’m sure there’s a recipe out ...

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AllRecipes Sweet Cornbread

When it comes to recipe websites, I typically just stick with the recipe that has the most reviews, good or bad, and this is no exception. At 1,719 reviews, this cornbread seemed like a safe bet. ...

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Smigel The Taco

Welcome to my blog. Welcome to my first post! I thought I’d start off by introducing you to my dog, Smigel. Okay, so he’s not MY dog, he’s OUR dog, but either way, the story is ...

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