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October Period for Good

October Period for Good

I have to apologize, this is more of an edit than anything. I swore I published this entry already. Turns out I saved the draft. I’m sorry everyone!

Not familiar with Period for Good? Period for Good is a monthly time of the month subscription box. There are a few others out there that provide supplies, a treat, and a small gift to get you through that rough patch we all hate so much.

Period for Good subscriptions start at 19 dollars a month and are pretty customizable. They offer 4 different basic boxes but you can add pads or tampons to any of those boxes for 2 bucks. Don’t see your favorite brand? Send them an email! Most likely they can find it for you!

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 4.09.27 PM

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention the “good” part of Period for Good. 20% of the box price goes directly to a charity of your choice. They sponsor 6 charities plus a “U-Pick” option where subscribers can request a charity of the month. You can learn more about the selected charities by clicking here. I selected Tripp Halstead, but all of these charities are pretty amazing.


Period for Good ships via USPS. They don’t offer tracking info monthly, but their shipping is on point, just make sure to put in your accurate cycle info and they’ll take care of the rest! Expect boxes to arrive roughly 1 week before your expected start date.


First look! I won’t get tired of the purple and lime green! I mentioned in a blog post a few months ago that these are our wedding colors and the following month, Period for Good switched up the tissue paper for ME! I nearly fell off my chair. How thoughtful is that?!

Period for Good doesn’t offer a traditional info card. Instead, they offer a letter, explaining why they picked the items in the box. On the back, there’s always an update from your charity of choice!

The Goods:


Period for Good offers most of the popular brands of pads, tampons and liners, and they offer a good variety of count options with the ability to add more for a few bucks. I find it pretty impressive that they take the time to sort U by Kotex by color.

The treat+ cramp tabs:


The treat this month is Klondike candy. I had no idea this existed and honestly, when I saw it, I started at it for a good minute trying to decide if it needs to go in the freezer or not. (Still recovering and on pain meds, I was just confused.) I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, as chewing is still quite the feat, but soon! The cramp tabs they send always work, usually better than Advil.

I really like that Period for Good takes the time to seek out various women run small businesses/etsy shops for the gift each month. And this month they partnered with Jimeale New York to give subscribers this super cute polka dot shopping tote. Their site has so many other products in bright colors, I might have to use my coupon to pick up something else!


So, that’s the October Period for Good box! As always, I’m super happy with everything, and I love seeing what Period for Good does for Tripp each month, everything else is just a bonus!

What do you think of Period for Good? Want to sign up? Go ahead and click here!

October 17, 2014

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