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October Period for Good Review

October Period for Good Review

I swear I just got a Period for Good box about a week ago. Hmm. Whatever. They seem to know my cycle better than I do anymore, so it’s cool. Besides, I’d much rather have a time sensitive box like this show up early than late! Right?!

Not familiar with Period for Good? Period for Good is a monthly time of the month subscription box. There are a few others out there that provide supplies, a treat, and a small gift to get you through that rough patch we all hate so much.

Period for Good subscriptions start at 19 dollars a month and are pretty customizable. They offer 4 different basic boxes but you can add pads or tampons to any of those boxes for 2 bucks. Don’t see your favorite brand? Send them an email! Most likely they can find it for you!

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 4.09.27 PM

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention the “good” part of Period for Good. 20% of the box price goes directly to a charity of your choice. They sponsor 6 charities plus a “U-Pick” option where subscribers can request a charity of the month. You can learn more about the selected charities by clicking here. I selected Tripp Halstead, but all of these charities are pretty amazing.


Perod for Good ships via USPS and generally arrives about 1 week before your expected start date. They don’t provide tracking, but really, tracking info just turns average people into neurotic imbeciles anyway. They ship super consistently, and that’s all that matters.


First look! I love Period for good for many reasons, but their personal touches are just out of this world. A few months ago, I had mentioned that my wedding colors are purple and lime green, now my tissue paper is always purple and lime green. This month, they also left a hand written note! Amazing. The note was a special little thank you for doing reviews, but Period for Good, it’s easy to do a review when you send awesome stuff, so we are even!

 Period for Good includes a letter instead of your usual info card. The front of their card explains why they selected the products for the month, while the back is an update from the charity of your choice.


Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. As I already mentioned, Period for Good offers a wide variety of protection options. They count them out and seal them in bags.


Each month, Period for Good always sends chocolate. The brand or variety may change month-to-month, but it’s fair to expect chocolate. This month, Dove! I’m not sure how I managed to take photos of chocolate without eating it.


It’s finally Fall, so I was excited to see tea and cider! They don’t always include tea, but it’s a nice little treat when they do.


This month, the gift was activated charcoal teeth whitener. It’s sort of bizarre to scrub something black all over your teeth, but it totally works! I was surprised! This little pot has 20-30 uses, but I think I’ll have to pick up more! Period for Good has worked really hard to partner with and buy from women run small businesses and etsy shops.


And that’s this month’s Period for Good box! They threw in a few extra “your awesome” treats, but I didn’t include them in the review. It’s worth noting that when you go sign up, your first box will be a special welcome box.

What do you think of Period for Good? Want to sign up?! Click here!

October 30, 2014

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