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October Loot Crate: FEAR

October Loot Crate: FEAR

Loot Crate used to not ship out until the 20th of each month. So, imagine my surprise when it showed up yesterday! Generally, Loot Crate is the last monthly box to arrive each month, but I’m still waiting on my PopSugar Must Haves! Argh!

Not familiar with Loot Crate? They are a monthly geek/gamer subscription box. For 13.37 a month + S&H, Loot Crate sends you 6-8 items a month that fit their geeky theme. Sometimes items are Loot Crate exclusives, awesome t-shirts, or some variety of other fun stuff.


Loot Crate ships via USPS by the 20th of each month. It generally takes 5-7 days to get to us in MI. This month was totally off the wall since we got it so early. But I’ll take it!


First look! I guessed I missed the email that C would be getting a shirt. (They generally email with sizing info incase you need to make changes.) We got our box so early that I really couldn’t peek and I couldn’t even remember the theme.


Loot Crate’s theme this month is FEAR. ¬†They always include a full magazine instead of just an info card. The magazine lists all the products and has some other cool stuff inside plus really unique art work. This month, the magazine is in 3D, haha.

Death by Kitten T Shirt: 15.00


Ugh. The skull is made out of cats. I don’t even know what to do about this. Chris thought it was funny and is super excited for T shirt day at work to wear it. (Him and a few of his work cronies get Loot Crates and they generally wear their shirts on the same Friday. Pretty adorable that grown men do that.)

Sledgesaw Hammer Pen: 5.00


This is a Loot Crate exclusive item. I’m not sure what a Sledge Saw hammer is. C told me, I think it’s from a movie or game or something. But I cannot deny that it fits the theme of FEAR. EDIT: It’s from a video game called Dead Rising. I don’t pretend to know this stuff.

How to Survive a Sharknado: 14.99


Haha. I like that even with a theme like fear, they still have an element of humor. Even though this is C’s box, I want to sneak a peek at this book. I think I’ll throw it in his backpack for the train ride later this week.

Walking Dead comic book: 3.00


This comic book is another Loot Crate exclusive. I don’t know if C reads these comics or leaves them in the package to “collect” them, but I know he loves it when Loot Crate includes them, either way.

Oh, Brother art print: 5.00


I had to guess on this price. It’s a fairly unique item and it’s another Loot Crate exclusive. I find it bizarre, but C got a laugh out of it. If I ever get my PopSugar box, I’ll frame it and send it to his work so he can put it on his desk. Haha!

Extras: 5.00


This month, Loot Crate included a few extras (I think they usually do.) They included slashes and bites tattoos, which fit the theme perfectly. Toxic Waste candy, which C was dying to buy at Target, but didn’t. And some digital content. I think this digital content is a game, but I cannot be too sure.

Monthly Pin


And of course, the Loot Crate exclusive monthly pin! They started putting a collector’s pin in each box as of January.


Overall, C’s October Loot Crate had a total value of 47.99, which is pretty consistent for them. All the items fit really well with the theme, and it was a pretty well rounded box.

What do you think of Loot Crate? Want to sign up? Click here! Using my referral link will save you 3 dollars off your 1st box!

October 21, 2014

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