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October Ipsy: Beauty Candy

October Ipsy: Beauty Candy

Ipsy’s shipping is generally slow as snot. So, imagine my surprise when my bag showed up 3 days earlier than the DHL expected delivery date.

Not familiar with Ipsy? Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription bag. Each month, they send you 5 deluxe samples or full size items of various make-up and beauty products. The monthly products always come packed in a unique make-up bag. The cost is 10 dollars a month and the values typically exceed the cost. Their “wait list” is a mile long, but sometimes you can skip it by cluttering your Facebook newsfeed with ads.


Ipsy ships via DHL Global and generally takes 10 days to get to me in MI from NC. This month it only took about 4 days, which is a big surprise!


Ipsy always comes packed in a makeup bag. Generally speaking, the bags are unique and high quality. I think this is my favorite bag so far. I love the blue teal color.


First look! Ipsy has been doing “early access” to Glam Rooms lately. Bags used to go live online on the 10th of each month, right around the time they shipped out. Now, by sharing on Facebook, you can view your bag as early as the 1st of each month, usually before all Sneak Peek promos have even been released. All this means is even though I peek early, I usually forget what is to come.

Kiss i-ENVY Eyelashes: Full Size, 2.99


These will most likely be re-gifted for sure. Fake eyelashes are just not my thing and I really shouldn’t be trusted with glue near my eyes anyways. I’ve heard falsies are very nice and pronounced for photographs, so I might actually keep them for engagement photos (If I ever book those before the wedding!)

Ayres Body Butter in Patagonia: Full Size, 28. Sample Size, 4.14.


I’ve sampled this matching soap through Birchbox and actually bought the full size. I cannot say enough good things about the patagonia scent from Ayres. It’s not flowery or fruity, so it would probably fall into a gender neutral category. I just find it crisp and comforting. The body butter is super moisturizing, and I’m sure I’ll buy a full size pretty soon.

City Color Be Matte Lipstick in Cappuccino: Full Size, 5.00.


I didn’t swatch this because I wanted to keep it sealed. I generally don’t use lipstick, I much prefer other lip products. And this color just isn’t me, I’m more into pinks. So, I think I’ll give this away.

Epice Purifying Exfoliant: Full Size, 38. Sample Size, 9.96.


Hmm. I was really excited about this bag overall, but this is another product I won’t be using. The exfoliant in this scrub uses the plastic micro beads which have been proven to be nothing but problematic for wildlife and waterways. I don’t think I’ll give this away for the same reason, I guess it will just go unused.

ModelCo VolumEYES Mascara: Full Size, 20. Sample Size, 10.


I’m really happy with this mascara. I received a different ModelCo mascara in my Birchbox and hated it, so I didn’t have high hopes for this one, but it’s nice. It still doesn’t beat my favorite, but it gets the job done, doesn’t smear, and isn’t clumpy.


Overall, my October October Ipsy bag had a total value of 32.09. Not bad for 10 dollars spent! For whatever reason, even though I’ll be giving away 2 items and won’t use a 3rd, I’m still pretty happy with this bag, It wasn’t my favorite, but with Christmas coming up, these will be fun little gifts for some friends and Ayres is one of my favorite brands, so it worked out!

What did you get in your Ipsy bag? What do you think of Ipsy? Want to sign up? Click here!

October 20, 2014

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