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November Popsugar Must Haves

November Popsugar Must Haves

PopSugar Must Haves might be my favorite box! I neglected to review it last month. They had some billing/shipping issues, my box was a tad delayed and was missing an item. I didn’t think it was fair to write an October review in November, so I wanted to give them one more shot. I’m so glad I did! I really like PopSugar!

In case you aren’t familiar, PopSugar Must Have is a monthly box that brings you the best in home, fashion, beauty, fitness, and food curated by the editors at PopSugar each month. Boxes cost 39.99 a month and generally have a value of 100 dollars or more.


PostSugar Must Haves ships via FedEx SmartPost, which means FedEx moves the shipment and USPS delivers it. They ship by the 15th of each month and generally, boxes take about a week to arrive. Mine wasn’t expected until Thursday, so this is a nice surprise!

PopSugar Must Haves has a really nice info card. It lists all of the products in the box, possible variations, along with the retail value.


First look! I can honestly say I didn’t peek this month! I planned on looking this evening, but my box came before I had the chance to look. (I’m a nanny during the day, do you REALLY think I have a chance to check this shit whenever I want? Oh, please.) However, the first look is fantastic, this popcorn is a favorite of ours!

G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix Popcorn: 3.69.


This! This popcorn is one of our favorites! It just sort of happened that way. Do you know how hard it is to find carmel corn when it isn’t the holiday season? It’s ridiculous. We got a sample/single serving of this popcorn from Love with Food many months ago and hadn’t seen it sense. (Not that we looked very hard, either.) Anyways, one day we stumbled upon it at Costco and picked it up. The problem is, buying a product ONLY at Costco creates a terrible deception of a “full size” product. Basically, what I’m saying is, this should be the single serving, and the Costco size should be a full garbage bag.

Wine Glass Writers 3-Pack: 9.95


This 3 pack was made exclusively for PopSugar. Any way you slice it, I don’t think I’ve seen these before. I think the closest I’ve seen are Crayola window markers. You can use these to mark and write on wine glasses. I don’t see why they couldn’t be used to leave messages on mirrors (Doing this for C in the A.M.!) I like them and they are a nice added surprise to the box. Oh hell, everything is a surprise in this box!

SORIAL Saffiano Wallet on a Chain: 49.


Okay, this product is totally something I wouldn’t have picked out on my own. I should have taken more photos, but it’s large enough to hold most phones along with a few cards, perhaps some chapstick, you know, the important shit. I generally select larger carry-all type bags, but I kind of like this, and there’s plenty of times where I don’t carry ANYTHING simply because I’m too lazy to carry my purse, I think this will come in handy. The color is a nice cobalt blue and the chain is long enough for it to be a “hipster.”

K. Hall Simpatico Ambergris Shea Butter Cream: 22.


So, it’s winter, and like anyone else in winter, I go through ALL of the lotion/cream/body butter/moisturizer. I just cannot get enough of the stuff. I sampled this stuff on my hands (and so did C, because I asked nicely.)  It’s nice and extra moisturizing while providing a nice musky scent. I can’t say I would have spent 22 dollars on it, but I like it! And there’s a lot in the tube, so it should last awhile.

Tiny Prints Thoughtful Heart Stationary: 15.


You guys, I fucking love stationary. When C saw this in the box, he made that comment before I could. I love writing notes, letters, postcards, whatever. I also just love having stationary. These note cards are cute. There’s 10 note cards, along with envelopes. It also includes a 25 dollar gift card to spend at Tiny Prints online, I don’t know how far that will go, so I’m not including it in the value of the box.

Simon & Schuster The Secret Recipes by Dominique Ansel: 35.


Holy shit. I’m not familiar enough with PopSugar to know there trends and patterns, so I had no idea they sent books. I guess it makes sense, but it never crossed my mind. I about flipped out when I saw it was a cookbook. The only thing that can make a cookbook better? Oh, maybe if it was filled with recipes by the woman who created the damn CRONUT. She’s a genius. I peeked through this book, it’s all super fancy stuff, but I’m excited to try all of these recipes.


Overall, I loved this box! There really was something for everyone. While I kind of wish there was a makeup item instead of hand cream, it was such a well rounded box, I really have no complaints. Oh, and it came at a value of 134.64. Not bad considering it’s a 39.99 box. The cookbook alone made it worth it!

What do you think of PopSugar Must Haves? Want to sign up? Click here!


November 18, 2014

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