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November Love with Food: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

November Love with Food: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Love with Food was actually a tad delayed this month. But I don’t mind, I had plenty of other yummy snacks to get by. My box ended up only being delayed by 3 or 4 days, but they guaranteed delivery by the 26th of November, so it was a nice surprise. Delay aside, they were amazing at communicating that there was an issue. They sent me an email and apologized with store points (We’ll get to that later!) long before I even realized I was missing my box.

Not familiar with Love with Food? Love with Food is a monthly snack box. Each month they send a mixture of organic, all-natural, healthy snacks for you to try. They offer two options. A Taster box (10/month), which includes 1 of every snack in that month’s theme box. They also offer a double box (17.99/month) Which includes two of each snack offered that month. Love with Food also donates 1 meal to a child in need per box shipped. (2 for a deluxe) They now offer a gluten free snack box which includes 8-12 snacks for 25 dollars a month.

PRO TIP: I just learned that Love with Food also offers a points system. For each box, you can log on and review every snack PLUS the box as a whole for 10 points per review. Also, referring a friend will net 500 points and maintaining your subscription nets you 10 or 25 points (depending on the size) each month. Every 100 points is 10 dollars to spend on your favorite Love with Food snacks. This is extra satisfying if you cannot find your favorites from the box locally.


Love with Food ships via USPS out of GA and takes 4-5 days to get to me in MI. I generally have my box by the 15th of every month. The box is only a little big larger than a Birchbox, but I’m always surprised at how many snacks they can pack inside.

The theme this month is Baby, It’s Cold Outside and includes snacks to warm your heart and home. Their info card is super informative. It lists each product and a little description but also has a color coded key to provide info on which products are GMO-Free, Vegan, Gluten Free,  and Organic. The info card also lists all ingredients, which is nice if allergies are an issue!


First look! So stuffed! Since my box was a few days late, I could have peeked, but I didn’t. For whatever reason, if I was going to teach myself not to peek at a box, I might as well start with a little snack box. I always like it when the first look doesn’t reveal a single product I’m familiar with!

Cinnful Sweet Heat Tortilla Chips by Chipz Happen: 


I always felt like cinnamon sugar was a great combo on most salty snacks. It makes me sad that I have to sneak a shaker full of cinnamon sugar into the movie theater for my popcorn. Anyways, the same rule applies for tortilla chips. We should put cinnamon sugar on everything.

Laiki Red Rice Chips by Grains of Health: 


These are really good if you are craving something salty. That’s all they are…salty. They are super light and crisp but also rather addicting.

Dried Mini Figs by Fruit Bliss:


The info card says to eat these with wine in cheese for a snack. That sounds a little fancy for our house, but perhaps I will enjoy these with a Babybell and some gin. Kind of the same thing, right?

All Purpose Seasoning Salt by Whole Spice:


We are actually out of any all purpose seasoning we may have, so this will get used. I’m pretty used to Love with Food sending spices/condiments now, so I guess it’s not terribly unusual. It’s fun to try different spice blends and sauces, I don’t mind.

States and Capitals Educational Snacks by Dick & Jane Baking Company:


This is a really cute idea for kids. While I don’t need to memorize state capitals at this point in my life, the cookies taste good. They are a pretty good short bread style cookie. No complaints.

Midnight soft baked biscotti by marlo’s:


I like biscotti, but I always forget about it when I make coffee. I usually end up crushing it for a whipped cream or ice cream topping. That will probably happen with this.

Truffles by Guylian:


These are really cute and tasty truffles. I say they are cute because they are in the shape of a seahorse.

Milk Chocolate Peanut Cluster by Jer’s Chocolates:


There’s a lot of sweets in this month’s box. It fits the theme perfectly, but isn’t standard of Love with Food. Anyway, can’t go wrong with chocolate covered peanuts, right?



Love with Food also included a mini-mag of Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals. (Totally useful, actually.) And then a few coupons. Le Tote is a clothing subscription for women, but 25 dollars is more of a discount rather than a gift card.


And that’s November’s Love with Food box! I ended up liking all of the items in the box, but I was a little sad to see there wasn’t a hot beverage mix. A tea, coffee, or hot chocolate could have gone really far to round out this box. It also would have been nice to see a few more salty snacks. A good box, just not my favorite balance of items, I guess.

What did you think of Love with Food? Want to sign up? Click here and get your first box free! Just pay shipping.

November 20, 2014

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