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June Period for Good Review

June Period for Good Review

I’m a huge supporter of Period for Good, and if anyone out there is considering a time of the month subscription box, you should really consider Period for Good. Their costumer service and timeliness of the shipments are unmatched. The little pampering items are well thought out, and instead of a generic info card, you are greeted with a letter and an update from the charity of your choice!

Period for Good is a time of the month subscription box. They send everything you need for that time plus a few extras to make you a bit more comfortable. AND 25% of profits go to the charity of your choice. Curious as to what charities are supported by Period for Good? Click here to check it out!

Period for Good offers four different boxes with a different variety of protection. You can also select any box, and for a small fee of 2 dollars, add some extra pads, liners, or tampons, making it extremely custom to your needs! Don’t see your favorite brand? Send them an email! As a new(er) company, they are waiting to hear about your favorites.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 4.09.27 PM

Period for Good box varieties and prices.


Period for Good ships via Priority Mail 2 Day. They ship according to your cycle and it arrives about a week before your expected start date. This is my third Period for Good box and the shipping as always been on point. 

As I mentioned, Period for Good does not have a traditional info card but rather a letter talking about why some items were selected. On the back, there’s an update from your selected charity.

The Goods:

DSC_5071I chose the “big” box and it seems to fit my needs perfectly. I also noticed that they take the time to sort the colorful U by Kotex tampons so each level has its own color, pretty genius.

The Pampering Items:

I love lotion candles, and this one smells amazing. Everything is packed in the prettiest bag ever and there’s even a bit of goat’s milk soap!

The Chocolate:

DSC_5066Period for Good switched to Whitman’s Samplers this month hoping that the extra packaging would prevent melting. I haven’t checked yet, but honestly it hasn’t been that warm here, so I’m not too worried.

Cramp Tabs:

DSC_5070As always, they send some cramp tabs for obvious reasons.

DSC_5073I don’t do a cost breakdown of this box, it would be too difficult, but the value is there, including my donation to Tripp! I love Period for Good, it provides me what I need, along with a few extras, and allows me to do some good, as well!

Did you get Period for Good this month? What did you think? Want to sign up? Click here!


June 13, 2014

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