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January Period for Good

January Period for Good

Not familiar with Period for Good? Period for Good is a monthly time of the month subscription box. There are a few others out there that provide supplies, a treat, and a small gift to get you through that rough patch we all hate so much.

Period for Good subscriptions start at 19 dollars a month and are pretty customizable. They offer 4 different basic boxes but you can add pads or tampons to any of those boxes for 2 bucks. Don’t see your favorite brand? Send them an email! Most likely they can find it for you!

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Oh! And I almost forgot to mention the “good” part of Period for Good. 20% of the box price goes directly to a charity of your choice. They sponsor 6 charities plus a “U-Pick” option where subscribers can request a charity of the month. You can learn more about the selected charities by clicking here. I selected Tripp Halstead, but all of these charities are pretty amazing.


Period for Good ships via USPS and will always arrive in time. When you sign up, you enter in your cycle information and they calculate the shipping date based on that info. They don’t provide tracking info, but you really don’t need it!

Period for Good always includes a letter instead of a traditional info card. The front of the letter always includes info on why Morgan and the rest of the staff selected the products for that month, and the back, an update from your charity of choice. Period for Good is always super transparent on how the money to each charity is spent and I love seeing the pictures of Tripp each month!


First look! I’m not sure that Period for Good does spoilers on their facebook page, but I never really know what the treat or gift will be. I kind of like it that way!


The gift this month is a Foot Creme with soothing eucalyptus and mint. It’s made by a woman with a small Etsy shop, she makes all sorts of other goodies. Minty foot creme is the perfect treat after a long day on your feet. This tub is a super generous size, and I can’t imagine running out any time soon!

The treat this month was a few pieces of Toblerone. I’ve never had Toblerones before, but I found myself eating all of the pieces in one sitting. Whoops! Sometimes, Period for Good will also include some tea, which is perfect for winter! (Now that winter has finally made it here!) And of course, they always include cramp tabs.


And, of course, the goods! The reason I subscribe to this box to begin with! They offer many varieties of both pads and tampons and a lot of flexibility within their packages. In case anyone is wondering, this package is the “big” which includes 15 regular and 5 supers tampons. It seems to be the right amount, but if it isn’t, they offer 3 other packages, and the ability to customize each to your needs.


And that’s January’s Period for Good box! As always, it was a great box with everything I needed plus something special AND I got to help cute little Tripp! What else could I ask for?

What do you think of Period for Good? Want to sign up? Click here!

January 9, 2015

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