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Good Mouth Review

Good Mouth Review

I know I’ve written a review previously on Toothbrush Subscriptions. TS was a subscription box that sent you toothbrushes based on your set schedule. Chris and I kept our subscription after my initial review, however, I did not provide an updated review because, well..they are the same 2 tooothbrushes every few months. Fast forward a bit, and Toothbrush Subscriptions is bought out by a company with a similar business model. I wasn’t expecting too much to change, but I was rather surprised when our first Good Mouth box came, so I wanted to do a review!

Good Mouth is a toothbrush subscription service. You can select from a variety of toothbrushes for kids, teens, and adults in all sorts of colors and styles. They even offer floss and electric toothbrush heads. Plans start at 4.95 per toothbrush, but discounts are available for families of two or more. At sign up, you can select to have your brushes delivered every month, every other month, or every 3 months. Shipping fee is always included in the cost and there’s no need to reorder.


I should have used a banana for scale. This box is about the size of a shoe box, which is surprising considering we only ordered two toothbrushes. Good Mouth ships via USPS. Surprisingly, they include tracking info! I never checked up on it, because toothbrushes are far from exciting, but it’s an added bonus.


First look! I must say I was a tad puzzled at first. Toothbrush Subscriptions always came in a small, white padded envelope and it was no surprise as to what was inside. I really wasn’t expecting to see mesh bags.


Good Mouth doesn’t offer an info card. Which, just like tracking info, is nothing I need. This is just a letter explaining their service and that it’s no longer Toothbrush Subscriptions. They also mentioned they’ll honor TS pricing for 6 months, but then prices will go up by about 4 dollars total. (2 dollars per brush.)


The brushes! These brushes look exactly the same as Toothbrush Subscription brushes. These are both Jaguar brushes. Each brush from GoodMouth is 4.95, so it’s just a matter of preference! I think next time I might try a different style.


Overall, I’m happy with GoodMouth replacing Toothbrush Subscriptions. I hope our next batch of brushes don’t come in a shoe box, though! I’m also not really sure what to do with these mesh bags. They are really nice, well made bags but the shape is so odd it can’t fit much more than a toothbrush, but I cannot imagine storing my toothbrush in a mesh bag. I think if we were to purchase toothbrushes at the store, the cost would be about the same. GoodMouth just has the added convenience of not having to remember to replace your brushes. Ever.

What do you think of GoodMouth? Want to sign up?! Click here!

November 6, 2014

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