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CrowdTap is easily my favorite freebie/survey site. This guide will be rather in depth, as there are many elements to CrowdTap. But don’t let it fool you! The cool thing about CrowdTap is you can do as much or as little as you’d like.


CrowdTap is a website dedicated to allowing you, the consumer, to provide feedback of brands you know, use and love through special challenges, contents, polls, and sharing via social media. CrowdTap is more than a freebie site, they offer many opportunities to gain points. On the last day of each month, points are collected per brand and you’ll be entered into drawings for gift cards. Gift card values range from 5 dollars to 100 dollars, and there are plenty go go around. Personally, I usually see 25-50 dollars a month in Amazon gift cards. They also offer sample and shares and contents.


Example of CrowdTap brands

Example of CrowdTap brands

You’ll see many brands on CrowdTap that you are already familiar with from a day-to-day basis. Brands like Viva, Kleenex, WalMart, Kellogg, U by Kotex, GNC, and Listerine are just a few examples of current brands. Brands sometimes change from time to time. Previous brands include Marriott, Outshine, Miracle Grow, and Food Network. They often introduce new brands often. Most recently, Clarisonic and Avenno have made an appearance on CrowdTap. Each brand offers specific challenges with directions. I’ll go in depth on various challenges in a later section. Each time you complete a quickhit, challenge, or mission, you’ll be awarded a set number of points. At the end of the month, each brand collects your points for the monthly drawing where you can be awarded gift cards for all your hard work!


Example of Brand Points

Example of Brand Points

Points are accrued per brand are are non-transferable to other brands in CrowdTap. Meaning, if you do a challenge for Kleenex, it has no effect on your point balance for Kellogg. It might often look like your point balance is dipping, but most likely you are just switching brands! Various challenges offer a set number of points. Viewing content or answering a quickhit might be worth 10-20 points while a photo challenge could be worth up to 500 points and Sample and Shares can net you 1,200 points after completing your report. Every 100 points will give you 1 entry into that brand’s monthly drawing. Don’t be surprised to see your points reset on the last day of each month. This happens every month, usually the evening BEFORE the 1st of the following month. They are collecting and resetting point values for the next month. Although points reset, levels do not.  You’ll also gain points for sharing content on social media.

TOP 100

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.36.10 PM

Top 100 meter example

As you gain points, you’ll notice the needle on your top 100 crowd status move up near the blue. This signifies your place amongst other tappers. Since new challenges are often added, and other tappers work at different speeds, you’ll most likely see this needle fluctuate throughout the month. If you scroll to the bottom of the brand’s page, you’ll see last month’s top 100 tappers, along with another meter that states how many points away you are from the top 100 of that brand. The top 100 tappers per brand when points are collected on the final day of the month will be awarded an extra 500 points for that brand’s drawings. (That’s 5 entries!) Also, if that brand does a Sample & Share or Hosted Party, assuming you meet other demographic standards, your place in the top 100 will give you a slight edge at being offered the products to try.


quickhit example

quickhit example

One of the easiest ways to gain points on CrowdTap is through Quickhits. Quickhits are multiple choice poll style questions. Often times you’ll be asked to view content and answer a question or two about the content you viewed. Sometimes, quickhits are poll style questions. They might ask about personal preferences, stores you shop at, and things you buy. Get a question that doesn’t pertain to you or you aren’t comfortable answering? Just hit the ski[p button! Quckhits viewing content generally net 10 points. Poll quickhits usually net 20 points. Most days, about 20 or more quickhits are released, so it’s best to check daily or every few days to keep up with it.


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.58.02 PM

Example of photo challenge

 Each brand also offers a handful of photo challenges. Photo challenges will vary depending on the brand, so make sure to read the directions entirely. Generally speaking, photo challenges will include finding a new product at the store and snapping a photo of it, taking a selfie with a product at home, completing a recipe or craft and snapping a photo of it, or taking a screenshot of a particular website. If you are asked to take a screenshot, make sure to take a screenshot, don’t take a picture with a camera of your computer screen. Always make sure to make sure you follow the instructions of the photo challenge and don’t use stock photos. Your entry will be rated by other Tappers as 1 of 3 options. “Accepted,” “Starred,” and “Not Accepted.” If you don’t follow instructions, your challenge will be rated Not Accepted and you won’t get points, do that too many times and you may see flags or a ban. If you work hard on your photo challenge and go above and beyond, a tapper may rate your entry as starred, this will add more points to your monthly total. If the challenge doesn’t pertain to you, you don’t have the right product, or you are uncomfortable with the challenge, feel free to skip it!


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.58.23 PM

Example of text challenge

Brands participating on CrowdTap also offer Text challenges. Generally 500-2,500 characters (including spaces) max length. They don’t take very long to construct and often provide super helpful feedback to brands. Just like with photo challenges, text challenges are rated by other tappers like yourself. Answering questions with “I don’t know.” “I don’t use product X.” will NOT give you points. Pay attention to the instructions. Often times the text challenge wants you to answer particular questions.Try to put those middle school English skills to work. Use complete sentences! If you go above and beyond, another tapper could star your response, giving you a few extra entries in the monthly drawing! Come across a challenge that doesn’t pertain to you, or you aren’t comfortable completing it? Go ahead and skip it. CrowdTap is far more fun when you create content you enjoy.


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.59.09 PM

Example of Content Challenge

Content challenges are probably the easiest challenges around! These challenges are all about sharing….you guessed it! Content! A brand will release a piece of web content for you to view. Generally, this might be their Facebook page, a sweepstakes to enter, their Instagram feed, really anything to promote their brand. Okay, so you viewed the content. The next part of the challenge is to create a 1-2 sentence description. Usually this sentence is already started for you, so it’s pretty easy. The most recent one I did was for Ragu Pasta Sauce “I use Ragu pasta sauce to make….” Fill in the blank and then share the content via Twitter and Facebook. Just like with all other challenges, if it doesn’t pertain to you or you are uncomfortable with it, just skip it!


Example of Moderated Discussion

Example of Moderated Discussion

 Moderated discussions are fun and if you stay active, you can really net a lot of points! Once you are accepted into a moderated discussion, there will be a series of questions for you to answer. These Moderated Discussions are always opinion based, usually concerning advertising that you saw, why you liked something, or why you didn’t like it. All of the answers will show up like an online forum. You’ll be able to see everyone’s answer and reply to them. These are participation based, so you’ll see the most points if you log in every day and reply to various comments. You’ll only get one opportunity to post an answer to the question, so make it count. Initial discussion answers are worth 100 points each, with daily replies valued at 50 points. Just like everything else, make sure to answer questions fully. If the discussion doesn’t pertain to you, don’t reply with “I don’t know,” Most likely, you’ll get points docked when they go through to rate answers. Just skip if you aren’t into it!


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.59.48 PM

CrowdTap also offers contests that are totally separate from the monthly giveaways. These contests are basically like photo challenges on steroids. If approved, you’ll get your points toward the monthly drawing. However, you’ll also have the opportunity to win some pretty cool prizes in the process. These are judged on creativity, so have fun! I’ve previously won a really cool X-Men t-shirt and 2 tickets to Food Network In Concert. (Valued at 400 dollars!) Sometimes the contest requires creating a pinboard, sometimes they are text challenges, sometimes they are photo contests. Just make sure to read the rules so you don’t accidentally exclude yourself from prizes!


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.59.00 PM

Example of Sample Share

THIS is the part everyone wants to know about. Most brands, at some point or another, do offer Sample and Shares or hosted parties. This year, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in Sample Shares from U By Kotex, Campbells, Neutrogena, Hill’s Science Diet, Folgers, Kingsford, Kleenex, Skintimate, Cottonelle, Listerine, and perhaps a few others I’m forgetting. It’s always fun to try new products! After you’ve tested the product and shared it with friends, come back to CrowdTap to complete your report by the due date. The report will include a few straight forward easy to answer questions based on your experience with the product(s) You’ll also have the opportunity to upload photos, link youtube videos, and post to your blog (if you have one.) Adding a bunch of photos and leaving detailed responses will most likely leave you with a top award and a ton of extra points!


Flags are CrowdTaps warning system. There aren’t too many ways to get flags, but the easiest one is over looking a due date for a Sample Share. They’ll send you reminder emails in the week leading up to the due date, but if you don’t complete your report, your account will be flagged. You can also recieve flags for using pictures in photo challenges that don’t belong to you, as its considered cheating. Getting flags will affect your future chances of getting a Sample Share, so be careful! 4 flags in a year and your account will be banned.

All right, well, that’s CrowdTap in a nut shell! It might seem overwhelming, but like I said, you could logon and just do quick hits to get started. There’s a lot of content, but it’s super easy to get into, so give it a try! What do you think? Will you be giving CrowdTap a go? Have any questions? Leave a comment and I’ll help you out!

If you are ready to sign up, click here to get started!

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