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February Loot Crate: Play

February Loot Crate: Play

And I’m back! A move across the country had me putting my blog on hold for a bit! Our first subscription box JUST showed up at our door step, which tells us something important and exciting: Loot Crate comes nearly overnight since they ship from only a zipcode away! So cool!

Not familiar with Loot Crate? They are a monthly geek and gamer subscription box. Each month, they pack a box full of geeky goodies for you to enjoy, always corresponding with a theme. Sometimes products are Loot Crate exclusives. They often include Pop Vinyl Figures and t-shirts. Loot Crate costs 19.95 a month (including domestic shipping.) They ship internationally for an added fee.


Loot Crate ships around the 20th of each month out of California. It took us only 2 days to receive ours, but I think 5-7 is a more typical shipping estimate.


The theme this month is play and includes goodies for Co-Op gaming and other forms of play!


First look! Loot Crate does a pretty good job keeping stuff secret, so it was a surprise. They release the theme ahead of time, but that’s about it.

Munny World Doodle Doll: 9.99


This blank canvas is about the size of a Pop Figure. Included in the box is an erasable marker so you can doodle on your doll, erase it, and dry again. C took this to work with him, so I can only assume productivity took a nose dive as he doodles the perfect doll.

HexBug: 12.99


When C saw this he said “Oh! now I have 2 so I can have desk battles!” This must mean that Loot Crate has sent these in the past.



This deck is a loot crate exclusive, but similar decks are sold for the same game at this price. This game seems super fun. It’s the classic “Who would win this fight?” but with cards and arguing.

Dice: 4.99


Another Loot Crate Exclusive! These dice could be used with any game, but I think are meant to be played with the Loot Crate game this month. The Loot Crate box turns into a board game, it even includes cards and tokens for proper play!

Pacman Poster: 1.99


Loot Crate often includes various posters or prints. This one is of PacMan. C already took it to work to hang in his cube. It fits the theme perfectly!

Ready Player One: 8.95


This book was said by The New York Times to be “Willy Wonka meets The Matrix.” Will Wheaton is the narrator of the audio book. It sounds like an interesting book and Warner Bros already bought the rights to the movie, so there’s that!


Of course, the monthly pin and some digital content!


Overall, this Loot Crate had an estimated value of  54.90. While some of the Loot Crate exclusives were estimates, it’s a pretty fair value for this box considering the cost is under 20 bucks! I love how well curated Loot Crate is, and I might start a second sub for myself one of these days.

What do you think of this month’s Loot Crate? Want to sign up? Click here! Using my referral code will save you 3 bucks at sign up!

February 23, 2015

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