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December Ipsy: Thinking of You

December Ipsy: Thinking of You

I always love it when boxes show up earlier than I expected. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten my Ipsy bag so early. I didn’t even have time to check tracking info!

Not familiar with Ipsy? Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription bag. Each month, they send you 5 deluxe samples or full size items of various make-up and beauty products. The monthly products always come packed in a unique make-up bag. The cost is 10 dollars a month and the values typically exceed the cost. Their “wait list” is a mile long, but sometimes you can skip it by cluttering your Facebook newsfeed with ads.


Ipsy ships via DHL global. DHL starts the shipping process but USPS delivers the package to you. Generally, it takes about a week to get to me, however, the past few months have been MUCH quicker, resulting in 3-4 day shipping.


The theme this month is Thinking of You. The theme generally doesn’t fully reflect the products in your bag, but sometimes is reflected in the bag itself. I love this Ipsy bag. It’s super durable, large, with a big zipper pull.  Ipsy doesn’t offer a traditional info card, more of a card reminding you to share your bag contents on social media.

Beauty Without Cruelty 3% AHA Cleanser: Full Size, 11.95. Sample Size, 2.85


I currently have a pretty stable skincare routine, so I’m a bit hesitant to try this at the moment. However, the ingredients seem non-irritating, and added AHA is a bonus. I think when I run out of my current cleanser, I’ll give it a try. It’s a pretty big sample and I think it will last a bit.

Pixi by Petra Fairy Dust: 10.


This is a light, neutral color with shimmer. I really like it, although I did get something pretty similar from Ipsy last month.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes: Full Size, 20. Sample Size, 9.


This mascara isn’t clumpy, but it’s not waterproof, although they do make a waterproof version. It didn’t seem to flake later on, but it wasn’t a life changing holy grail mascara, either.

NYX Butter Lip Balm: Full Size, 4.


You can never have enough lip balm. I was concerned that this would be too tinted, but it’s not. It has a tint, but not to the extent of being concerned about it. However, I’d totally pass this up for a flavored chapstick.

Precision Beauty Eyelash Curler: 5.


I’ve never tried one of these before, but last time I got makeup done professionally, the woman told me that my lashes are really long and are “dying to be curled” They look like a weird medieval contraption, but I’ll give it a try…


This month’s Ipsy bag had a total value of 30.85. Considering I only spent 10 on the bag, that’s a great deal! I’ll eventually use or try all of the products, and the bag is one of my favorites. I’d say this was a win.

December 15, 2014

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