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August MunchPak Review

August MunchPak Review

Our August MunchPak is finally here. We were billed for our September MunchPak before this one was delivered. While it wasn’t MunchPak’s fault, it was still annoying. Oh well! It’s here!

Munch Pak is a monthly snack subscription box. Each month, you’ll receive a variety of international and childhood favorites. Munch Pak recently streamlined their services and website. Now subscribers have the option of an original Munch Pak for 24 dollars or a Family Pak for 42. (This price is month to month and includes shipping.) Boxes ship within a week after you sign up, and you’ll be billed the same day each month. They also offer these preferences: 

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 5.21.03 PM

This isn’t a guarantee but rather preferences. I debated on trying this, but really, we like ALL OF THE SNACKS and I didn’t want to miss out!


Munch Pak has been toying with their shipping. August’s box didn’t ship out until the 10th of the month and it took 18 days to get to us. (Like I said, that’s not normal, it was lost!) Our September box has already shipped, so I guess once a month shipping didn’t work out.


First look! I’m always super excited about Munch Pak snacks. There’s usually a few things to try along with some old favorites!

Japanese Rice Snack:


There were 2 in this pack and I really don’t know how to describe what we were eating other than it was awesome. I have no idea what these are but I want more. They were crispy slightly sweet and maybe a bit salty. They were rather plain but good for snacking.

Landryny Hard Candies:


These are super fruity hard candies! I love them! C isn’t a fan of hard candies. Whatever, more for me!

Hula Hoops:


I thought these would be like Funyonions, but…nope! They are these small little circles covered in cheese flavor. I guess the best way to describe them would be a Pringle that fits on your finger as a ring.



Bummer. This snack automatically goes to C due to banana allergy. Oh well. I opened the bag and they looked like dried, crispy banana chips.



You know those dollar wafer cookies grandmas always have? These are far better.

Slim Jim:


I’m not a fan of Slim jims. They are odd and funky. Smigel didn’t seem to care, he loves slim jims. Why do I spend 8 dollars on dog treats if he’ll eat cheap Slim Jims just the same?

Ulker Finger cookies:


These are good butter cookies. Not overly exciting, not super new or inventive, but they are good.

Koala Snacks:


MunchPak sends A LOT of Panda Cookies/Koala Snacks. I love them and I always forget to buy them! Keep em coming, MunchPak!



These are like Koala snacks in stick form! Dark chocolate stick biscuit things. Who cares? Did you hear chocolate? They were good!



I was fairly certain this would be like Starbursts, but it wasn’t. I looked it up, and traditionally, these are found on sticks. They hail from the UK and are a raspberry milk chewy candy.

Swedish Fish:


I didn’t even know it was possible to have just ONE Swedish Fish. Just ONE! This is what we call a tease, my friends.

Garlic Green Peas:


These were freeze dried, crunchy peas. I really liked them and I found them sort of addicting. They also come in a Waasbi flavor, but I’m glad we got garlic.

Pineapple Gummy Candy:


I’ve learned something from MunchPak. Gummy candy is far better from other countries. These gummies are so juicy and pineapple-y, and not overly chewy.



I’m not a fan of Mochi, as a general rule. It’s the wrong kind of chewy for me. The texture isn’t far from Jell-o and it’s just not for me. I think C will like it though.

Fun-Fun Burger:


I remember being crazy for these gummy candies as a kid. I remember they had burgers, pizza, fries, sushi and all sorts of weird foods. As an adult? I have no interest in eating this and I’m going to pass it off to a kid!

Happy Hippo:


You can kind most Kinder chocolates at Cost Plus World Market. These are one of my favorites from Kinder. My uncle used to send me the Kinder Eggs from Germany a million years ago. When I went to Germany, I found the Hippos. It’s a treat!



I’m pretty sure these are lemon cookies. I saved them for C who hasn’t had a chance to try them yet, but he’s usually a fan of all lemon things, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.


Overall, this was a great MunchPak. It was well worth the wait while USPS tracked our box down this month. There was only 3 things I had previously tried and just about everything was imported, which is half the fun of this box! There are so many snacks out there, I want to try them all!

What do you think of Munch Pak? Want to sign up? Click here!

August 28, 2014

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