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August Loot Crate: Heroes

August Loot Crate: Heroes

Finally! Our August Loot Crate is here! Loot Crate is always exciting to get because there are very few, if any, spoilers and usually includes few exciting limited edition or exclusive items to make your friends jealous.

Not familiar with Loot Crate? They are a monthly geek/gamer subscription box. For 13.37 a month + S&H, Loot Crate sends you 6-8 items a month that fit their geeky theme. Sometimes items are Loot Crate exclusives, awesome t-shirts, or some variety of other fun stuff.


Loot Crate ships from CA and never takes too long to arrive, about 5 days. They ship around the 20th and expect all boxes to arrive by the end of the month.

Loot Crate doesn’t have a typical info card but a full on magazine. The artwork is always neat and this month’s cover was particularly cool since it lined up with last month’s magazine cover! This month’s theme is Heroes! They also included some digital loot which are various games and cool downloadables.


First look! As I already stated, Loot Crate is usually a total surprise for us as there are very few spoilers. We know we would be getting a Loot Crate exclusive Pop Vinyl Figure, but that’s all we knew!

Ninja Turtle Sunglasses: 9.99


These are cute, and they’d be cooler for a kid, I think. I can’t imagine C wearing these as his go-to sunglasses but they are fun and they fit the theme.

Sonic The Hedgehog air freshener: 5.00


This is a 3 pack and includes a few others besides the sonic. Tails is back there too! I think these are already in C’s car. I’m not sure what they smell like, but does it matter?

Shwings Lightening Bolts: 6.99


I always thought these were cool, but I’m not exactly sure why. I’ve already attached them to my shoes!

Ninja Turtles Action Figure: 9.99


Anti-Heroes Magnet: 1.00


Neither one of us were really familiar with this reference, but it’s on our fridge anyways!

Pop Vinyl Figure: Guardians of the Galaxy Groot: 10.00


This is really cool! Pop hasn’t released this yet to the general public, so Loot Crate gets it first! AND the one in this Loot Crate is an exclusive so once Groot is released by Pop, it won’t be this exact one. People have sold this figure on ebay for a nice chunk of change but I think we’ll hold on to ours!


Overall, our August Loot Crate had a total value of 40.46. It was a cool box but I think they need to learn their audience a bit better. A few of these items were more geared toward kids and won’t get much use from us, which is kind of a bummer.We were also missing our monthly pin, but I’m sure I can just email them about that! Either way, I think C was happy with it, and he always loves more toys for his desk at work.

What did you think of the Heroes Loot Crate? Want to sign up? Click here!

August 24, 2014

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