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August Birchbox: EveryGirl

August Birchbox: EveryGirl

I caved and picked up a second Birchbox subscription this month. This is box one of two. Box two is sitting at the leasing office here at the complex so expect a review of that soon! Starting with my NEXT Birchbox post, I’m going to start doing something a bit different. I’m going to reveal my beauty profile for both Ipsy and Birchbox along with each monthly review. I know sometimes people aren’t happy when they see X product in their box when they “say they don’t like it in their profile.” So, I thought, together, we could learn trends based on the box we get and the questions in our profile. Hopefully we can adjust things to make the perfect fit for us!

In case you aren’t familiar, Birchbox is a monthly women’s beauty subscription service. Each month they stuff a box full of 4-6 sample size beauty and lifestyle products for only 10 dollars! If you like what was in your box, you have the opportunity to review all of your products for points towards full size items in the Birchbox Shop. Each item reviewed lots you 10 points, when you hit 100, that’s 10 dollars in the Birchbox store! At an average of 5 products per box, that’s 10 dollars every 2 months toward full size products.

Now, on to the EveryGirl box. For August, Birchbox brought back their pick your sample option. Along with choosing 1 of 4 possible samples for your box, you also could select the EveryGirl box. This box was a curated 1 off get-what-you-see Birchbox full of “affordable luxuries.” I opted for it this month since none of the other pick your sample options really thrilled me and there were a few samples in that box I really wanted.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.32.22 PM

Sample Choices for August

Also, true to form, Birchbox offered their Birchbox Plus items. Birchbox Plus items are full size items you can select to get more out of your Birchbox each month.They vary in price and ship free with your monthly box.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.36.27 PM

August Birchbox Plus items

Surprisingly enough, I had zero interest in thongs, a penis necklace or overpriced eye shadow.

Do you see what they did there?! I’m Notable. I have a title! They did it for everyone this month and I don’t think anyone hates the idea of continuing the trend. Birchbox ships out of TN and typically takes 3 days to get to me in MI. The route was a bit different this time and after some detours, it arrived after a 6 day wait. Not bad, long for Birchbox, but still well within their 10 day guarantee.


As I had already mentioned, I selected the specially curated EveryGirl box this month. The contents were listed on the pick-your-sample page, so it was no surprise to me what would be inside!


Even though I knew the products, I didn’t know the sizes of anything. I love that these are all pretty decent size samples, and plenty large enough to give it a try.

As with every Birchbox, there’s an information card which states each product in your box, along with the full size value. Keep in mind, the box I selected is the affordable luxuries box, meaning the samples won’t be as high value as some other Birchboxes. That’s not the point! I’m far more likely to buy these items if I like them!

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub: Full Size, 14.99. Sample Size, 3.75.


This is the oddest face scrub ever. I put it in the shower so I’d remember to use it. It’s thick and paste like. It’s a dark green color. AND it smells like…dirty toothpaste? When you first use it, it smells a little minty/ refreshing. I’m on the fence with this one but since I have so much face wash anyways, I don’t think I’ll ever have to buy it, but I’ll gladly use it up even if it smells like dirty toothpaste.

Number 4 Super Comb & Protect: Full Size, 32. Sample Size, 4.80.


My thick, curly hair always needs detangler. I typically end up in the children’s shampoo section for it as there’s a limited variety of grown-up detanglers. What? adults can’t get tangles, too? Hogwash! This works really well as a detangler, but it’s not my favorite smell. It’s sort of a gender neutral plain smell. When I’m ready for detangler, I think I’ll go with Beauty Protector, it smells amazing and works just as well as No. 4!

Not Soap, Radio Happiness Inducing Body Wash: Full Size, 16. Sample Size, 1.64.


This. Is. Fantastic. I think I’m going to attempt to use the 20 or so bottles of body wash I have from The Body Shop in the next few weeks. (I’ll be so clean.) I can’t get over the smell of this soap. It’s super sweet lemon-y and makes me crave lemonade.

Harvey Prince Hello: Full Size, 26. Sample Size, 1.69.


I’ve heard good things about this scent but I’m one of those lucky people that never seem to get fragrance samples. I probably never would have tried this if I didn’t beg Birchbox to give it to me. And I’m so glad I finally got to try it. It’s sweet and citrusy, but not in a gross tween body mist way. There’s just enough of a floral undertone to mellow it out and make it super wearable and nice. This is the first time I think I have to buy a full size fragrance. I love it!

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Push-Up Liner: Full Size, 24. Sample Size, 1.80.


Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve heard amazing things about this liner along with not so amazing things. This was the sticking point for trying this box, I really wanted to get this sample. But the sample really doesn’t live up to expectations. This product is innovative because of it’s packaging, and the sample packaging is totally different than the full size version. You can get a decent idea of the tip applicator, but not so much the flow-control. I’m going to practice a few techniques with this sample but I think I’ll still buy the full size version to try it for real. Should I review it here?!


Overall, my August EveryGirl Birchbox had a total value of 13.68. Not an amazing value, but I love that I found a bunch of new things that I can purchase without point hoarding. Speaking of points! a 5 item box means I’ll get 5 dollars to spend in the shop which sweetens the value a bit. I have one more Birchbox coming this month, along with one more Birchbox Man. Keep your eyes peeled!

What did you think of this month’s Birchbox? Which sample did you choose? Would you like to sign up? Click here! Use my referral link and promo code BBFAB100 to get 100 points (10 dollars to spend in the shop!)

August 14, 2014

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